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May 27 2012

New Ventures and Experiments

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So, I briefly mentioned my new venture into linen sales the other day.  However, I’m also experimenting with etsy, and selling some photos.

I know I am not the best photographer in the world, but after doing some browsing, I figured I may as well have a go!  It’s only 20c per item to list, and I decided that’s cheap enough to have a go at it, anyway.

I can’t imagine photos sell brilliantly online – it’s a flooded market, after all.  I think this is more of a way to turn a hobby into… well, an extended, unprofitable hobby.  You never know if you never try, after all!

I’ll even be honest enough to admit that every photo on there is flawed in some way.  Despite that, there is something I love about each of them, and even if they never sell, I’ll still like them.

I think this is definitely a year for trying new things!

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Apr 22 2012

An Assortment of Baby Body Parts

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Piper Fun-0583

I was lucky enough to have a visit from a couple of friends and their gorgeous 6 month old baby girl.  It was hilarious watching her – she is in the pre-crawl scooting stage, and she gets around much quicker than I expected.

So, of course, I then proceeded to make her my practice dummy for more photos.  Because, hey, I really need that practice.

Piper Fun-0574

I don’t know why baby ands and baby feet are so damn fascinating – they just are!

I had such fun with these super bright pictures that I saved them as a new preset (the first time I have ever done this in my life… kinda cool!)  Hopefully I begin to play more and create my own presets, rather than just using other people’s.  I think I’ll call this one Rock Candy.  Maybe one day I’ll even develop the confidence to share them and stuff – when I actually become good at this sort of thing!

Anyway.  Babies!  Fun!

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Apr 19 2012

Out of nowhere, have some pictures!

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Kamiko (tortoiseshell cat), head only shot, looking down over her shoulder.  Kinda like she thinks she is in a romance novel.  Because, you know, she'd be an awesome leading lady... if that involved carrying mice around in your mouth and being completely unashamed of your stomach almost hitting the floor.  Feminist icon in the making, me thinks!

So, after what feels like a lifetime of no blogging, and very little access to technology, I am kinda back.  That is, until I go again.  However, I am determined to stick to it (does this sound familiar to you?)

The camera was out of commission for quite a while – I had lost my battery charger, and was putting off buying a new one (because we all know the minute you buy something whatever you lost magically appears), but eventually I caved.

And so, you have pictures.  I guess I have a lot of exciting news as well, but I’ll stick with pictures for the time being!

Sonny, a boxer, wearing an elizabethan collar and sulking while lying on a mattress

Sonny managed to get an infection in his foot, and so was doomed to wear the cone of shame.  Needless to say, he was very unhappy about this turn of affairs.

Are you looking at me?  Are you looking at me?  Are you looking at me?

Suki, the Barbie of cats, spends most of her time posing and trying to meow in a cute manner.  Usually, she achieves this.  When my parents visited for Easter, my mother spent more time pampering the cat than she did talking to me.  If she was a human she’d be dangerous.

I'm yelling!  I'm yelling!

Willis is getting fatter and fatter.  I keep trying to put him on a diet (before, you know, he has a heart attack, or gets arthritis, or something), and then the boy turns around and gives him more food.  I’m beginning to think he is actually trying to kill him.  Hmmmmph.

Keep on running Gracie.  It's OK.  I can stand here and wait for you all day.  Really.

On the other hand… Gracie is never going to get fat.  Although she is getting furrier.  All she does is run.  And run.  And run.  And run.

Grasshopper on a rose

In inadvertent pets… A grasshopper decided to come in and eat my roses.  Which was actually preferable to eating the rose bushes outside, I think.  And then the cats got to chase him around the house when the roses were dead.  I think that’s a win.  Also, trying to get a photo of him made me wish for a macro lens SOOOOOO much.  Seriously… if anyone out there loves me an insane amount, and has a macro lens from, oh, a dead relative or a hated ex or something that they wish to offload?  I’ll be your best friend forever if you give it to me.  Totally not scared of dead people cooties, or nasty ex karma.

Owl in a tree


And we got an owl in the backyard, which was kinda cool.  Would have been better if I had the longer lens on the camera, but I was too scared to spend the time finding the lens, changing the lens, and then racing back out, because I was pretty sure he’d fly away before then.  And, sure enough, he did not too much longer after I took this.  I do love owls.

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Oct 29 2011

Welcome To The World: Photos!

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Be warned, if you aren’t into babies… this is a baby heavy post!

I went to see one of my friends and her 4 day old baby today.  I took a ton of photos, but the room was super dark, so it was pretty challenging.  I didn’t want to use the flash (I don’t think that would be very pleasant for bub, but who knows), so I just had to make do with what I had.  Of course, this meant the photos were a little noisy (yay for high ISO shots), and whenever she moved it was blurry, because I had to have such slow shutter speeds.  I’m pretty happy with how they came out though, and bub got to experience what life is going to be like with me around.

Anyway, here they are (after some tinkering in Lightroom, of course).  Feel free to coo… newborns are kinda coo-worthy.

BW Serious (1 of 1)


I just love babies’ hands and feet.  I’d love them more if I had a lens that was decent for this sort of photography.  That foot really needs to be just a little clearer.  I had to delete a stack of photos like this that just weren’t quite right.

Anyone want to buy me a new lens?


I’ll admit to playing with the clarity a bit on these photos.  It helped with the noise, and also made those newborn skin marks a little less obvious.


And this is what happens when you take too many pictures!  “Just leave me alone, dang it!”


By the way, NONE of this has helped with my clucky issues.  At all.

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Sep 27 2011

I Couldn’t Think Of A Funny Dog Title. So, Dogs.

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Gracie, a black and white Border Collie.  Sitting, 'grinning' at the camera

Gracie is my Border Collie rescue dog.  I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think her previous owners were very good to her, since she tends to cringe every time to look like you are going to smack her.  She has that nasty scar under her eye after an altercation with my Labrador (don’t worry, she started it!)

Izzy, a boxer, sitting, looking very wet!

Izzy is one of the boy’s dogs.  She just finished her bath in this picture, hence the wet fur!

Willie, a golden labrador.  He is sitting almost side on.

We all know Willie!

Izzy and Sonny, both boxers.  Izzy is licking Sonny's ear.

Sonny, the boy’s other dog.  Izzy seems to be obsessed with cleaning the other dogs’ ears… this is normal for her. 

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Jan 22 2011

Fix-It Friday

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While I have no doubt all the photography stuff is getting boring for you guys, I thought that I might start having a go at Fix-It Friday on iheartfaces.  Because, you know, practice makes perfect, right?

So, here is the original shot:


And here are the two (very different from each other!) edits I came up with in Lightroom.

5374000179_b99afb8cfa_o The shoes were really the ‘pop’ point for me in the original, so I decided to really make them stand out by eliminating the other colours (using the Green ‘n’ White preset).  I rotated the picture slightly when I cropped it to move the shoes to a slightly better position in the picture, and I also used the adjustment brush to darken the bottom, since it was somewhat distracting when it was lighter.


I wanted a warm feeling for the second image, so I cropped the image slightly, and then used the Wedding Day preset.  I also used the adjustment brush on this to expose the bottom and right side of the image a little more, to really draw focus to the boy in the image.

Funnily enough, I think I am starting to enjoy editing photos more than I actually enjoy taking them!  Never thought that would happen…

To see other people’s edits, head on over to iheartfaces and check them out.

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Jan 21 2011

Playing With Lightroom: Dog Extravaganza!

Marylin recommended Lightroom to me the other day when I was whining babbling venting about the learning curve required for Photoshop.  After all, it’s hard enough trying to learn how to take a good photo, without having to learn a complicated editing program as well!

So, I got myself a copy of Lightroom, started downloading free presets like there was no tomorrow, and sat myself down for a little play time.

I’ll try to detail everything I did to the pictures, but I’m sure I’ll forget something…  I’ve included the SOOC shots as well to show you the difference.  As usual, click to embiggen.

 SOOC: Labrador face. Dog face: PH So 80s preset

With this one, I used the PH So 80’s preset, and then bumped up the blacks a bit since it washed them out.

SOOC: Close up: dog eyes

Dog Eyes: B&W Brown/red antique preset

I used B&W Brown/Red – Antique preset.  I think I sharpened the image a little as well.  I probably should have cloned out the grass from the corner, but I’m lazy, what can I say.

SOOC: sitting dog Sitting Dog: Golden vintage darker preset

I cropped this one down, and then cloned out the small part of grass that was still showing (the clone job is actually really terrible… I need to work on improving that).  Then I used the Golden Vintage – darker preset.  I think I could improve this by making the tongue just a fraction pinker, but I’m pretty happy with the effect all in all.

SOOC: dog face, tongue lolling out side.

Dog Face: Wizels preset

This one is super stylised, but I really like it anyway.  It reminds me of the covers of the Jack London books I read when I was a kid, and I can just imagine Willie in the snow.  I cropped the picture down, then applied the Wizels preset.  I think the vignetting is a little extreme (I probably should get around to fixing that), but apart from that I’m happy with this one – it made his fur look really rough and textured.  I don’t think this is at all what the creator of the preset actually imagined it being used for, but then how often do I do things the right way?

I’d love to hear some preset recommendations from anyone who uses Lightroom, or actions for Photoshop.  I figure the more I have to play with, the more inclined I’ll be to practice and play!  I’ll probably try to work on some more realistic, less ‘edited looking’ photos next.

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