Jan 29 2010

Cluck Cluck Cluck… Chicken! Pox Snark and Other Fun Things.

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So, I was flying back from LA (via Fiji), and about half way home I suddenly developed this weird itch.  I looked, and there were a couple of lumps on my hand.  I scratched them absentmindedly… but didn’t think much of it.  I was tired, I was run down, and a little stressed – getting a couple of lumps wasn’t all that weird really in the circumstances.

When I stopped at Fiji, I noticed that I had a couple more.  Again, didn’t think much of it.  By then I had been awake for well over 24 hours, it was hot, sticky and uncomfortable, and for some idiotic reason they made us all line up and get screened AGAIN.  You know, just in case we stole a butter knife off the plane or something.

Anyway, by the time I landed in  Sydney, I had lumps all up my arms.  I figured I was probably allergic to something on the plane.  Sure, I was itchy as all hell, but it would pass since I was off the plane, right?

Well… it just kept spreading.  My face got lumps.  My shoulders and neck got lumps.  My stomach got lumps.  So… I went and got it checked out, and it appears that some bastard gave me the chicken pox while I was away.  God damn it.

I always thought that you could only get chicken pox once.  Well, no, turns out you can get it more than once.  Of course, usually you get it as shingles the second time around, but I guess my body forgot that I had chicken pox when I was 7, so I caught them again.  So now I am dizzy, fevery, and can’t seem to resist scratching!

Which means I am stuck at Mum and Dad’s until I am feeling a smidgen better.  Very annoying, as I was looking forward to being home in my own bed, with my own TV and my own computer… I miss my little house!

/end whine

P.S. – still totally swooning.  Oh yeah, I’ve got it bad!

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