Aug 17 2009

It’s About Damn Time…

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Yeah, a big part of me knew that I would fail at maintaining a RL blog.  My fundamental laziness and outright busyness would just conspire against me until, lo and behold, it’s been something like 2 months since I updated!  So, what’s new news?

  • My beloved baby, my shiny new car, is off with the parents getting a spray job done.  Only set me back $450, which was kinda OK I guess.  In the meantime, I am driving my mother’s clunky Rav4, which is slow and snailish and annoying.  Not to mention having stupidly light steering – guess who has accidentally been doing fishies around corners?  Oh, how I miss my ‘lil car!
  • Work is still occasionally a big ball of fail.  I am getting tired of being the only one in my faculty who knows how to do my job, so I have no mentors, no help, nothing at all.  It’s like finding the village idiot and getting them to run the show, I swear.  On the plus side, the kids haven’t worked out yet that I have no bloody idea what I am talking about, which is always nice.
  • Things are –mainly- going Ok with the BF.  I keep half expecting him to dump my ass, to be honest… but,

I get to see him!  In less than two days!  That’s right, my nerdish butt is hauling it’s not-so-delicate self on to a plane, which is then going to (successfully – never mind what my Year 9’s  said!) make it all the way to LA, where he will pick me up from the airport.  That is, if he doesn’t run screaming ;-)

Part of me feels kinda bad about the whole situation.  I mean… I lied to get time off work.  That’s gotta be against the rules, right?  Well, let me explain.

One of the downsides to being a teacher is not getting to choose when your holidays are.  Now, I can’t reeeeeally complain, I get a fair chunk of time off in a year, but I wish I didn’t have to put up with holiday-making families and pay exorbitant peak season fares every time I wanted to go somewhere.  Not to mention that it’s stupidly hard to have time off when you want it.

In case you guys hadn’t worked it out… I’m kinda a nerd.  Yeah, I play WoW.  I blog about WoW.  I spend a large chunk of my day talking about WoW.  So when I realised I could (just barely) afford to go to Blizzcon this year, I leapt at the chance!  Unfortunately… Blizzcon is in the middle of the school term.  When I am meant to be merrily slaving my ass off.  I am sure that work will be thrilled to know I want time off to go to a…

Nerd convention?  With people in costumes and shit?  Mingling with the great unwashed (literally)?  Yeah, that leave is TOTALLY going to get approved.  Along with the leave to sit around the house all day ‘just because I feel like it’ and the ‘oh, but I have to wash my car!’ leave.

So, internet… I am going to a wedding.

Keep it on the down-low, OK?

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  • Ratshag

    hee hee. I tells no one.

  • Ratshag

    hee hee. I tells no one.