Nov 08 2010

In Which I Am A Fool. A Foolish, Foolish Fool!

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So, apparently, my whole ‘glutton for punishment’ thing just doesn’t quit.

For starters, I’m still blogging on the keyboard from hell.  It hurts my soul (and my typing fingers).

Then there’s the whole ‘that guy’ thing.  Which keeps getting messier, but looks to be all sorted and over (thankfully!) after a discussion today.

See, I went home with him Friday night (drunk Angela is stupid and thinks even less than sober Angela).  Now, nothing more happened than what you would expect to happen with a good Christian boy (don’t even get me started on the illogic of some forms of intimacy being acceptable and not others… weird), but it was more than enough that both of us went ‘wait, what?’

And then he had a couple of days to think about it.  And came to his conclusion that (I still think is a pack of hokey bullshit hiding some much more unpleasant reason) “I really like you.  I’m really attracted to you.  But it wouldn’t work out”.


The guy thinks he’s psychic or some shit, clearly.

I mean, yeah, apparently all his ex girlfriends have been psychos.  And I’m apparently not one (although I’m not so sure about that one).  So maybe my supposedly high sanity levels have kept him away?

Meh.  Who the hell cares anyway.

I’d totally move on, if there were more than half a dozen men in this town.

Silly boy.

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  • Marylin

    Some people just aren’t worth the anguish hon. *hugs*

  • Marylin

    Some people just aren’t worth the anguish hon. *hugs*

  • Ratshag