Oct 12 2009

Gah…. Just…. GAH

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Almost time to drive home.  I already have visions of my trip…

0 – 1.5 hours:  Cats hissing at each other.  Kamiko jumping around everywhere, because she is not in a cage (if she WAS in a cage, she’d yowl for the whole motherfucking time).

1.5 – 3 hours: Kamiko finally goes to sleep on the floor.  I hit Dunedoo, look forward to Dubbo… because Dubbo = A KFC Snack Box and happiness.  In the form of a KFC Snack Box.

3 -  4.5 hours:  This is the time I hate – the period of the trip during which I am most likely to get a speeding ticket.  Fucking lame.  However, this period also ends with a KFC SNACK BOX! (if you were curious, I always go for the popcorn chicken option.  Nom).  I have a sinking feeling regarding the speeding ticket today.  I know, I know, I could just drive, y’know, at the speed limit… but eh.

4.5 – 6 hours: The last part of my trip through ‘Civilisation’.  By now, I am so god damn tired… and I have to get ready for the gauntlet of Kangaroo Doom.  On the plus side, this is when I can ramp up for the last 2 hours of super speediness. 

6 – 8 hours:  The Gauntlet of Kangaroo Doom!  A smidge over 200km of dead straight highway, liberally littered with kangaroos, feral pigs and goats, emus, and once, there was a camel.  This is where I generally try to set a new land to speed record, and wimp out at the thought of hitting a kangaroo at 180km an hour.  (I usually just sit on 160kmph and hope to hell nothing happens – so far so good!)

7.5 – 8 hours: HOME!

Farewell, bloggettes!  See you on the flip side, providing I have another safe, wonderful trip ;-)

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  • http://faulspositive.com Allan

    Popcorn Chicken is clearly the best fast food ever – though in saying that, I’ve been having it a lot since I started Uni. Every day of Fresher’s Week, then at least once a week after that… Yeah, I’m gonna be fat. Fat, and broke. D:

  • http://www.mistymays.com Misty Mays

    Have a good trip. Try not to have too much fun.